Woodinville, WA


July 15

What are Your Reasons for Participating in the CLEAN & LEAN REVOLUTION? Better Health, Detox, Food Sensitivities....

Detoxification (never done it before and I'm curious how I'll feel). Weight loss (I eat pretty well overall, but I need to jump start my metabolism to lose 15 lbs before I turn 49). Being healthy ( I need to stop treating my body like I'm 18).

What is Your Passion in Life?

My family

What is Your Definition of Health?

Physical, mental and social well being.

What are You Expecting to Get out of This Program? Long Term Goals...

New habits that will ensure my ability to maintain healthy weight and lifetyle. Knowledge of food as the fuel for my body rather than just entertainment. Gross reduction in my allergies (they seem to be getting worse as I get older), better skin, healthier hair. More energy.