Langley, WA


October 11

What are Your Reasons for Participating in the CLEAN & LEAN REVOLUTION? Better Health, Detox, Food Sensitivities....

Better health, detox and repair the damage I've caused to my body through poor nutritional choices (habits) through the years. Restore health, fitness, vigor, vibrancy. Overcome my addiction to sugar and other unhealthy substances. Develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

What is Your Passion in Life?

My passion is to "live" each moment; to be a full participant in life - exploring and engaging in my interests, challenging myself and developing my unique gifts and abilities. To stay young in mind, body and spirit.

What is Your Definition of Health?

The energy and ability to do the activities I choose and need to do every day. Freedom from disease, and physical "impairments" like chronic headaches, joint pain, muscle aches, digestive conditions/problems.

What are You Expecting to Get out of This Program? Long Term Goals...

The ability to make and follow through on choices that allow me to remain active and healthy for my lifetime.