while on the topic of fasting

I am curious to know how healthy fasting is. Not fasting with juice, but fasting where one would only consume water and herbal tea. the other big fad out there now is intermittent fasting where you eat every other day or eat only in a 5 hour window each day. I'm just interested in opinions about this practice

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  • Hi Kelsey,


    This is a great question - what I am proposing is intermittent juice fasting and not long term juice fasting and not water fasting. For any of these, the body needs to be prepared to do this. We are preparing the body with all of the healthy habits we are laying down as well as the eating plan being predominantly plant based (also starting to lean more towards raw vegetables). For the purpose of running a group, intermittent fasting is my favorite. It introduces people to the benefits of short term fasting and is doable. Remember I mentioned do this right, you will need to unplug and do this on a non-workday. If longer term juice fasting or water fasting is desirable (not much of a fan of going longer than 3-5 days juice fasting and not a fan of water fasting) then I recommend doing a retreat where you can focus all of your attention on this experience. Remember that detoxing is protein driven... water fasting doesn't offer anything in the way of nutrients to support the body. To me, I could see that someone may want to do water fasting for spiritual reasons. I do not see that this would have as much health benefit as a juice fast does.


    I don't agree with the five hour window with juice fasting - really no scientific basis for this. I recommend following the same healthy eating patterns we laid down by replacing meal, snack, meal, snack, meal food with juice.



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