what should I expect during a juice cleanse?

During a three day juice cleanse where we're essentially not consuming anything that needs to be digested, what should I expect from my digestive system?  Mine seems to be on vacation during a juice cleanse, which I think is part of the goal.  But if I'm not having any bowel movements during the cleanse (when normally I have 1 or 2 per day), is that normal?  It seems like I might be missing out on an essential part of the toxin elimination process.  If this is not normal, what should I do to change this?

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  • It was fantastic!  I'm planning to do a three day juice cleanse once a month for the next couple of months (and continue eating a clean & lean-style healthy diet in between).  I don't own a juicer, so I got my juices from a local Bellevue company (jujubeet).  I would say I felt calmer and more peaceful/less stressed, I felt healthy and energized, my skin felt a lot softer, and I really didn't have any negative detox symptoms.  Loved it!

    • Great - glad to hear it! It really is a very cook experience. I love how it makes me slow down :)


  • I did a juice cleanse Mon-Wed this week, and everything is back to normal now.  I was definitely not drinking as much water and herbal tea during the cleanse as I normally do when I'm not doing a juice cleanse.  I've done a juice cleanse 4 or 5 times before, with similar experiences as I recall.  And I guess I should clarify that bowel movements haven't been completely absent for three days, but significantly reduced - maybe 30% quantity once a day.

    • Hi Kim,

      It sounds (bowel wise) that this was a very normal experience. How was the rest of the experience? The goal is to slow down, unplug and connect with life. How did this go for you? Was it an interesting experience?


  • Hi Kim,

    The juice cleanse has been placed at the point in the program where you have set your body up to be supported by this and not challenged by it. If you were going along in life and just decided to do a juice fast, this can be overwhelming to the system. You have been eating all whole foods, high fiber, healthy-healthy, for 2-3 weeks, depending on when you started and this has really primed you for the juice fast.

    You are still digesting and absorbing nutrients from the juice. We have many paths of detoxification and you are still sweating, breathing, urinating... etc. I don't often see an immediate shift from having a bowel movement to no bowel movement when starting a cleanse. That said, everyone is different. Are you continuing to drink water and herbal tea alongside the juice cleanse?

    Which day are you into the juice cleanse? Is this the first time you have done one?


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