Substitute Juice for a meal?


Would it be OK to substitue a juice for a meal?  I do well with breakfast, lunch and the snacks but dinner's a bit harder to prepare since I get home so late.  I will, at some point, begin to prepare some dinners ahead of time (casseroles and meals like that - quick quinoa salads, vegys) and that will help of course.  But when I'm really pressed, hungry and need something quick - I start reaching for the bread and almond butter.  Could I substitue a juice for dinner? 

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  • Hi Carol,

    I do not recommend replacing any meal or snack with a juice -  unless you are doing a full 24-48 juice fast. You need a protein at each meal and snack and replacing breakfast with a juice will offer a quick shot of energy and not long lasting energy. Same thing goes for dinner- I don't recommend it. If you want to have some juice to accompany a meal or snack, I recommend adding it in by noon.


    For a quick on the go breakfast, Lara Bar or KIND Bar and a piece of fruit work well. If you have time to juice something, you should have time to make GF oats with nut butter and fruit.



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