Scheduling Juice Fast Days

Hi Angela,

I plan on doing the 3-day juice fast this week and maybe next week.

I know you recommended doing the fast on non-work days; was your intent to replace smoothies with the juice?

I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to continue with weekend smoothies and add the juice fast during the week or better to substitute the smoothies for the juice fast. 

I have no pressing time concerns for doing either. But, I'm just curious if it might be too hard, or in someway unwise, to do a mid-week 3-day juice fast followed by 3 days of smoothies.  That's a lot of days without solid food.

Any guidance would be helpful.





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  • Hi Kasey,

    Juicing is a fast and a smoothie is not - that is why. So, if you would like to do a 'fast,' then the goal is to remove the pulp and added fiber to give the digestion a rest. I HIGHLY recommend fasting on a nonworking day. Fasting is more about giving the whole system a rest than it is simply drinking juice.

    The goal is to walk, meditate, rest, fast and have an introspective moment.

    You can shift the eating plan forward or back if you need to - so you might do a juice fast Wed-Fri (again, if non-working days - or at least two of these are) and then Sat - Sun eat from the Wed, Thurs meal plan.


    • Hi Angela,

      Just a quick follow-up question...  I'm following the detox plan with supplements and I'm doing the juice fast this weekend.

      I'm thinking that I should forego the fiber supplement for the duration of the juice fast.  But continue the detox support capsules and the PaleoCleanse.  Is this correct? 



      • Hi Kasey,

        Yes- continue with all the supplements except the fiber supplement. Let me know how it goes!!


        • Thank you.  I will.

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