No carb recharge

Hi Angela,

I'm one of those women who continues to have issues with cravings and have found something that does help me with not eating sweets/sugar. It's a dark chocolate beverage called Mayesa cacao, no soy, no dairy, no gluten.

Here are the details:

I know it's the no carb recharge and this obviously has carbs but I thought I might ask never know ;-)

Thanks for being patient with us and always being there with answers!


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  • Hi Chris,

    To evaluate the product - this has a full three teaspoons of sugar in each serving. I like the pea protein, I am not at all fond of safflower oil. All polyunsaturated vegetable oils should be removed - they are inflammatory. Although it states 'stevia' it is a product that contains zero stevia. They are using a sugar alcohol to further sweeten this which can be a bit tough on the digestive track.

    What about simply have a square of 70+ % Theo's dark chocolate with your lunch or afternoon snack daily?

    A sweet tooth really has nothing to do with sugar and everything to do with chronic stress. High cortisol makes your hunger insatiable and creates a perfect storm of sugar cravings. If you have ever thought or said “I am addicted to sugar” you are in chronic stress. It really has nothing to do with food or sugar and everything to do with the shaky, hyper-vigilant chronic stress state that the body is in that is driving sugar cravings up. It isn’t the sugar that you need to address, it is the chronic stress.

    Let's start with sleep - are you sleeping well? How many hours a night and do you wake feeling refreshed?

    And second, when do cravings come up for you - what time of day?


    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for the information. I really thought this was a pretty decent product...goes to show.

      I would love to do the square of chocolate but that's when the lack of self discipline kicks in so I prefer to not get chocolate (I'm Belgian, what can I say...).

      I am not really sleeping well. For one my fiance has the complete opposite schedule and gets to bed late. I'm a light sleeper so I easily wake up. And he snores so once I am awake I have a hard time going back to sleep.

      Also, I lost my dad a couple of months ago and am dealing with that as well as planning a wedding and of course holding a full time job. And there are some more things like buying a house and trying to support a fiance who was out of a job until 2 days ago so I guess I qualify for chronic stress.

      The cravings (can be sweet or salty) can kick in at any time but are mostly there in the evening and there's the crave for something sweet after lunch and dinner.

      I try to work out, stay away from the kitchen, drink tea, do a juicing fast but until now I haven't been able to break those cravings.

      If you can help me with that, I will be grateful for life!!


      • Hi Christine,

        I am sorry to hear about your father. We lost my mother in law last year and two grandparents this year. It is not easy. Hang in there.

        Interestingly, buying a house, moving, getting married and a death in the family are all equally very large stressors on the body. With three out of four, no wonder you are dealing with sugar cravings.

        Let me throw a few things out to see if they stick:

        Can your fiancé sleep in another room a couple of nights a week? Can he agree to go to bed at a more reasonable time to help you catch up with your sleep?

        Do you have a good bed, one that doesn't move on your side when he moves on his side?

        Have you tried ear plugs?

        Have you tried having him assessed for sleep apnea (you mentioned he snores)?

        Perhaps try to sleep with a little white noise in the background (sound machine or low speed fan).

        I don't feel that you are in a good place to do a juice fast. This will make things worse, more than better. For you, eating consistently, having a protein/ fat at each meal.. working on your sleep routine are all going to be helpful.

        I also recommend drinking a shot of protein an hour after dinner (mix with water and shoot).

        You could also try a product called catecholecalm (this is an adaptogen product that will help your body react less to stress). We used it quite frequently among our cancer patients at the last clinic that I worked at- it is safe to use.

        Melatonin may be a good option as well. Start with 1.5 mg (liquid) at night around PM. I can order these two items for you, if you like. They will help to take the edge off and have you feeling less sensitive to stress. Then you sleep better... feel less stressed... sleep better, etc. This is a feed forward cycle.

        I recommend making a goal of moving - walking, yoga... but not committing to working out too much. Walk daily, try the yoga on this site at least three days a week (fit it in where you can) and then ease back into aerobic and weights.


        • Hi Angela,

          A few busy days so quite late in replying...

          Walter does sleep in the other room now and again to try and not wake me up but even just walking in the hall way can wake me up. I do have ear plugs but don't like using them every night. My bed is definitely not a problem, I'm just a very light sleeper. Walter tries to go to bed earlier now and again but then he can't sleep and we're both awake.

          I have a natural sleep aid based on Melatonin and Valerian. I definitely helps but again, not something I use every night.

          I have ordered the catecholecalm after reading up on it. Came back with very good reviews.

          I haven't been able to do as much yoga as I want. I keep forgetting I have the yoga videos and can actually do it at home so that's the next new habit I need to work on.

          I do do my interval training (or sometimes just walking) and weight/ab work-outs (part of getting ready for the wedding too) but try not to overdo it.

          Thank you so much for your advice and if you have any other suggestions, I'm looking forward to receiving them! One thing is clear, with everything that has been going on my eating habits were far from healthy and switching back to healthy eating has given me a lot more energy and drive so thank you for getting me back on track!!


          • Hi Chris,

            It sounds like you are doing a lot right. I would simply try to stay consistent with your earplugs, working to reduce stress (light sleeper means you are overly sensitive to stress hormones and swings) and double down on your sleep routine.

            Take a week to try catecolecalm, a nightly Epsom salt bath and take just melatonin at night (skip the valerian root to start) ~ 1.5 mg between 7-9PM.

            Let's see if this formula helps shift you into more restful sleep.

            I am happy to hear that you are back and track and feeling great energy!! :)  


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