Juice preservation

Hi Angela,I am planning to do my juice fast tomorrow and so I planned to make the juice today in order to have it tomorrow. Is there a good way to preserve the juice until tomorrow as I read that some ingredients might not remain good.Also, I read a lot of discussions on yogurt so I am a little confused. Since coconut yogurt comes in very small quantities, in the long run its not very cost effective. What is a good alternate? I saw big chobani Greek yogurt in bjs, is that a good replacement?ThanksNoopur

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  • There are quite a few brands to choose from - look for plain or vanilla organic yogurt and compare the sugar content. Some of these can get quite high in sugar.



  • Thanks Angela. i will ask them. but just in case, Is there a brand of organic dairy that you recommend?
  • Hi Noopur,

    I would ask your store to see if they can get larger containers in to stock. I do recommend almond and coconut yogurt OR organic dairy.


    For your juice fast, the fresher the better. Can you make them in the morning? If not, later this evening and simply refrigerate them asap. If you are taking these to work, take them in an insulated lunch box.



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