Hi Angela -

I am doing OK with the juice fast, but I notice I had a headache this morning.  I really want to do all three days, which I was feeling I could at the end of the day.  But I don't want to get headaches, of course.  Any suggestions?


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  • Hi Karin,

    Have you had any headaches or detox symptoms since the start of the program? Even if you have not, it may be a detox reaction. If you are following the patterns and staying hydrated (and not trying to workout today), take a nap, go for a walk, take an Epsom salt bath (may help with the headache too)... the symptom should pass.


    If you are feeling hungry/ jittery, try adding more juice (focus on vegetables).



    • Hi Angela -

      Thanks so much.  I will try some of these things!


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