Hi Angela,

I made this recipe a while ago and have some left in the freezer. I would like to use the leftover first so I would be grateful if you could give me an idea of the quantity I would need to measure for each meal. Thanks in advance!

The new site is looking great, is very user friendly and I especially love the yoga videos! Also, the new challenge looks like an interesting one and even though weight loss should not be the priority for doing this, it will be an added bonus as I'm getting married in June :-)

Thanks again,


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  • Is it okay to use chicken breast meat instead of the dark meat? Recipe sounds yummy.
    • Hi Pam,

      When shifting carbs down (grain carbs) healthy proteins and fats need to go up. If you make this with chicken breast it will not have enough calories and healthy fats in it. I recommend thighs and legs (or just thighs if you want).

      It is a really tasty dish!


  • Hi Chris,

    If you made the recipe from the site, this makes: SERVES FOUR (420 calories per serving (using 3 legs and 3 thighs in the recipe)

    I don't have an exact portion for the recipe. Though you could easily try one thigh OR two legs with  a quarter portion of the vegetables and sauce.

    THANK YOU! I have been really working on streamlining everything. I appreciate your compliments! Yes an added bonus for you- congratulations!


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