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Hi Angela,Something I've been wondering for a while now is how accurate restaurant calorie counts are. Specifically I have a few go to lunch spots near my office and I wonder how accurate the calories are and fear I am eating too much. Here are some examples:Evergreens Salads, their regular El Sombrero salad is one of my favorites. They measure the ingredients with what looks to be a 1/4 cup. It has cheddar cheese, 1/2 avacado, tomatoes, corn, black beans, tortilla chips, and a vinaigrette dressing all for 360. I think the dressing might be additional at 140 calories. I also eat the small piece of bread that comes with it. Now that I am typing this out, I can see I need to cut something from this to bring the calories down. Would love your suggestion.Juicy Cafe has a really good dish that has veggies, peanut sauce, over brown rice (quinoa is an option too) for 362 calories. When I eat this I think there is no way this could be accurate as it is a lot of food and super delicious. I do leave some of the rice behind most of the time so should I direct them on customizing this dish to keep it lighter?

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  • Hi Katie,

    There is easily a 20% standard deviation with calorie counting, mainly due to human "error" (how far they deviate from the recipe and serving size). I would definitely pull the bread from the salad and go light on the dressing (mainly because it is canola oil - likely, or safflower oil). An olive oil dressing would be a lot healthier. But, then I would also be concerned about the olive oil oxidizing (if it is sitting out in the heat, light and exposed to air). Salad dressings are a very tricky thing!! Cut the dressing in half and cut the bread. That should help.

    Juicy Café sounds like a good choice with calories. Peanut sauce is a very quick flavor addition to the meal, so it will likely taste fairly rich, with little added. Again, I am not thrilled with the oils they wil add to the peanut sauce (likely canola). Ask for 1/2 cup rice or quinoa and that should modify the calories.



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