14 Day Detox

HI Angela,

I've just rejoined after being down with my back and recovering mobility over a year+. I wanted to do the 14 day detox, and find I only used my protein powder before. Is it possible to just buy the protein powder, and the patient guide so I can start this round out with the whole detox?Thanks so much!


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  • Yes, please. Thank you for checking!!
  • Hi Deborah,

    Your order came through - would you please confirm that you would like the unflavored PurePea and not the vanilla?

    This will ship out tomorrow...



  • Hi Deborah,

    I have just approved your membership on the app - please login and enjoy!


  • Hi Deborah,

    Welcome back! I didn't receive a notification of your message. I do apologize for the delay! I'll check on the app status right now... 

    The quickest way to purchase a single product through me is to use my online shop: http://siboguru.com/shop/purepea-unflavored/

    Please use this code to get 18% off supplements: SGPT

    There are other proteins on my shop as well. So you can choose your favorite. If you want the vanilla flavored PurePea, order the unflavored and email me back. I'll make sure that you get a vanilla.



    • Thanks so much, Angela!


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